Font Types Commonly Used in Digital Products Fonts

In digital font products related to graphic design, the type of font is very important. Different types of fonts will determine the style and function of each use.
The use of fonts must also be adjusted to the needs of whether they are suitable for formal or casual designs, and some must be suitable for using designs with casual friends. All of these things affect the tone or nature that will be produced in the work.

Font Types in Digital Fonts Products

In order to be able to adapt to your taste in digital font products or to be able to match your type of work or nature, you also need to understand the types of fonts that are commonly used. Here are some of them.

1. Digital Product Font: Serif

Being one of the most popular types of fonts, the hallmark of this font is the addition of small lines located at each end of the letters. Which line is known as a counterstroke or also bracketed?
This type of digital font product comes from the Romans, who used to write with a brush and extend the top or bottom of each letter. This type of font is suitable for various purposes, such as for writing articles or news.

2. Sans Serif

Sans means “without” in French. This means that sans is often a type of font that does not use or has a small line at the end of each letter. This type of font is very inversely proportional to its origin, namely Serif, and far from formal words.
This type of digital font product tends to describe purity, simplicity, modernity, and efficiency. And this type of font is widely used as a logo by various well-known companies.

3. Slab serif

Furthermore, there is a type of font called Slab Serif, which is widely used on billboards, billboards, posters, or pamphlets because it has characteristics that are easier to read in large sizes.
This type of digital font product displays more of a vintage impression in graphic design work. And what makes it unique is that it is thick and shaped like a block. Slab Serif has several more types, namely Antique, Clarendon, Typewriter, and Geometric.

4. Script

Similar to cursive writing, this type of font can describe something more elegant, natural, and personal. Due to the many indentations, the use of this Script is quite limited when compared to other types of fonts.
Generally, this type of digital font product is used for short writing and not in the form of paragraphs. And the use of this font also cannot be entirely in capital mode. For its beauty, it is necessary to combine capital and lowercase letters that remain connected.

5. Handwritten

More similar to human handwriting, this type of font has the name Handwritten. This type of font is similar to Script with fairly limited use. Handwritten is usually widely used on book covers, posters, or logos.

6. Display

The next type of digital font product is Display which can be said to be quite old because it was first used in the 1800s with the aim of making the Display of advertisements more attractive.
The Display is a large font that is given a lot of ornate ornaments that make it look more beautiful. Because the main consideration of this font is beauty rather than readability, this font is often used in various designs of certificates, certificates, and diplomas.

7. Comic

The next commonly used digital font product is Comic. This font is often used for graphic design purposes. The appearance is very true to its name, which has a design-like appearance like in dialogue and conversation in comics.
This type of font is more suitable for use in brands or designs that target the younger generation. This is because this type of font produces an impression that is more friendly, flexible, fun, and easier to read.

8. Stencil

Stencils are a type of digital font product that is widely used by artists and painters. Where the name of this font refers more to a term to describe the way an artist is making street art.
Every painter or artist, of course, has his own characteristics, and this also applies to stencil fonts. Although its use is quite extensive, this type of font is mostly used for news headlines.

9. Blackletter

If you want to add a design that has an old-fashioned feel, then a suitable digital font product is Blackletter. Besides being referred to as Blackletter, this font is often referred to as old English because it looks similar to ancient writings in British literature.
This font has a unique gothic look where each letter has its own accessories with a shape that is quite similar to a hat. Indeed, the impression generated by this font seems complicated and crowded because of the many decorations.

10. Typewriter

The next digital font product is a printer type that has a unique appearance and is made from the typed results that appear from the typewriter. A vintage or retro impression can be generated from the appearance of designs that use this font.
Typewriter fonts can be combined with various types of elements and decorations to make it look fresher and more attractive.

11. Didot

Often used by many well-known companies and designers, Didot font is a type of digital font product that has often been reworked and redesigned. Although dating from the 18th century, this font is still a prominent font type and has been widely digitized.

12. Bodoni

This Bodoni has also become one of the next types of chonlawas but is still relevant in this modern era. The look is characterized by a serif look that is not bracketed and comes with a more geometric style.
Previously he was known as one of the first digital font products in Didone that has a high contrast between wide and narrow lines. But then, a modern version was created with the most famous work used in the Vogue logo.

13. Baskerville

Baskerville is one of the ancient fonts that is still often used by designers. Its appearance is still based on the calligraphy style of its creator.
Although initially, this font type was too complicated and unreadable, later, this type of digital font product became one of the most widely used. One of the most popular designs using Baskerville is the official logo of the Canadian government.

14. Garamond

Until now, Garamond is a type of font that is still growing today. Many companies use this type of font with reworked versions, such as those used in the Apple logo and the salt monotype.

15. Times New Roman

The digital font product that is predicted as a type of font that can complement various forms of design and artwork is Times New Roman. This is because it is very easy to read and very suitable for body text.

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