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Scratchones – Currently, digital products have colored the internet world a lot. This time I will share information about selling digital font products. You know what a font is.
Yes, a font is a type of writing. Various types of fonts are elements of design art that have developed in the digital world.
You must finish reading this information for those of you who need fonts in building designs. Because maybe knowing the sale of this digital font product will be useful for you in making designs.
Knowing digital font sales is useful in creating a writing design, making news headlines, or creating a web, even if you want to make a printing press.

Best Digital Font Products For Design

Those of you who like graphic design definitely need a variety of different types of fonts. This is needed to be able to design writing well and well.
So that your clients or consumers are interested in buying your writing. Because of the appeal of the type of font you use. You can find various types of fonts at digital font product sales.
Here are 7 of the best free fonts for a graphic design where all types of fonts can be easily stored.
The font below is also one of the best choices for selling digital font products that will definitely make your design look attractive and more elegant.
Various needs in graphic design really need fonts, be it for the design of invitations, logos, banners, promotions, brochures, food menus, web designs, and others.

1. Margot Fonts

“Margot is the best font for graphic design. Margot is created from the type family, has been designed and optimized for use in large sizes.”
This font is perfect for those of you who have various kinds of writing needs in graphic design.

2. Pro Zone by Kostas Bartsokas

One thing you should know about selling digital font products is the ProZone.
The ProZone is a geometric Family sans-serif type. This font was designed by Kostas Bartsokas.
The Zona Pro typography font “draws inspiration since the 1920s with its stylized, geometric style. This digital product sales font has a clean form and is very easy to read.

3. Intro Condensed

Intro Condensed is a font from the Intro type section and has become the best font of choice for graphic design. This font has around 50 unique font styles.
The geometric designs, Black and Light, are currently available for free download from FontFabric. Selling digital products, this font is best suited for headlines of all sizes, great intros for posters, T-shirts, logos, and more.

4. Manteca by Edu Araya

This Manteka font was created by designer Edu Araya and has been successfully developed out of curiosity for their typography designs.
This font is also designed for use in print media, but for selling digital products, this font has a spectacular performance on a website.

5. Bobber by Lucas Almeida and Dmitry Goloub

Suppose you are looking for the unique and best typeface for your graphic design. The font choices from designers Lucas Almeida and Dmitry Goloub are for you because they decided to make their own font.
Selling their digital font product inspired by the motorcycles bobber, this duo managed to develop a slab serif. This font is free to use for both personal and commercial projects.

6. Comic Neue by Craig Rozanski

If you want to have a fun digital product sale of fonts, the arrival of the Comic Neue font is for you. Because this font has caused quite a stir in the design world. Designer Vincent Connare only commented that a design “should be more relaxed.”

7. Moderne Sans by Marius Kempken

In sales of digital products, this font is widely used by designers. A clean and elegant sans-serif font.
Moderne Sans was created by graphic designer Marius Kempken. “Moderne Sans is a free font”. The design of this font is based on uppercase letters but also makes lowercase letters, numbers, and several other alternative letters.

8. Various Meanings of the Best and Famous Logos

There are many famous logos or brands that we have often heard of. The logo becomes the main part of a brand.
A logo is a symbol or symbol that will describe an institution, agency, product of an item, or blog. Logos are also part of selling digital font products.
A logo can be said to be good if someone who sees it connects with the products sold by the company. That is why the logo is closely related to a brand or brand. But nowadays, many people make logos without any meaning or just symbols. Without understanding what the function of selling digital font products is.
But if you are a clever person, you will create a logo with a message so that it can be caught by the user. Below, I will show you some of the best and most famous logos that have meaning in them.

9. Digital product font: Amazon

Who does not know the Amazon brand? Amazon is the largest online store in the world today. Amazon logo is the best logo meant to convey a vast directory of storage.
This is more indicated by the arrow that has connected the letter ‘A’ to ‘Z.’ This is meant to let you know that this brand has everything from ‘A’ to ‘Z.’
All of that you can find on the Amazon site, and the meaning of the double arrows looks like a smile.

10. Hershey

Hershey Kisses is such a fun brand. They offer products to people with the phrase: “Would you like a kiss.”
You can turn the logo on its side, and you will see a (brown) kiss between the ‘K’ and the ‘I.’

11. FedEx

FedEx is a shipping company. Having the best and most famous FedEx logo looks as simple as the name suggests. But if you could look both at the space between ‘E’ and ‘X,’ you would see an arrow. It was perfectly placed there.
The purpose of the arrows is to represent the speed and precision of the FedEx company.

12. Carrefour

A popular name in France. Carrefour hypermarket, when translated into Indonesian, means a crossroads. Therefore the red and blue arrows that were there pointed in different directions.
If you pay close attention, then you will see the clever letter ‘C’ inserted through the use of negative space.

13. NBC

NBC used to be known to have a peacock brand or logo when the peacock was first used as the NBC logo in 1956.
Then the best NBC logo is also similar to a peacock which has six colored tails representing the department; sports, news, networks, stations, entertainment, and productions.
The peacock depicted there is facing to the right. This is to show that television networks will look to the future.

14. Goodwill

This brand is a non-profit organization that has helped the less fortunate. It’s easy to see that the Goodwill logo, showing a smile, means that the organization is helping them to be better.
If you take a closer look at the letter ‘G,’ you’ll also see a half-faced smiley image. After looking at it, do you see more of the logo in the shape of the letter ‘G’ or the face of a smiling person?

15. Toblerone

The branding of the Toblerone logo is much more complex than the Hershey logo. If you have looked at the logo, normally, you will only see mountains. But if you look closely, you will see a bear there. The reason for this is because the chocolate company in Switzerland originates from the city of Bern, Switzerland, which is also known as the City of Bears.
Different types of logos are made from different fonts. So you can be more creative in the world of design with fonts.
That’s all I can say about getting to know the sale of digital font products. Hopefully, it can be useful and good luck.


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