5 Recommended Best Digital Fonts For Graphic Design

Scratchones – Nowadays, digital fonts are increasingly widespread and widespread for various purposes. One of them is to meet the needs of graphic design. Moreover, graphic design is one part that is widely used on various occasions.

In short, graphic design is a communication process that is carried out using visual media displays. For example, using typography, photography, and even using illustrations.
Graphic design has many scopes of use. In addition, graphic design does not only rely on images but also uses certain types of digital fonts in the process.

Know What is a Digital Font


Before entering a more in-depth discussion regarding the types of fonts that can be used in graphic design, you may be wondering about the meaning of fonts. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if the meaning is reviewed first.

In short, a font is a type or model of digital writing that can be used for various purposes. Until now, there are many examples of digital font types circulating in cyberspace.
If you are making documents, maybe you are already familiar with Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial, and so on. These examples are some of the types of fonts that are commonly used, especially in the creation of digital documents.

The many types of digital fonts make the use of this digital material widely used in various fields. So it is natural that its use is also very broad and not limited to one or two fields.
Usually, each person has a preference for a certain type of font. So they make the font as a characteristic or identity in the designs they make. In addition, along with the times, there are more and more various types of digital fonts that are more diverse. So that every designer has more options and creativity in choosing the type of font to be used.

5 Recommended Digital Font Types For Graphic Design

Given that currently, there are too many types of fonts circulating, maybe many of you are confused about choosing a font. For information, here are some types of font models that can be used for design needs.

1. Digital Font Type For Graphic Design: Serif

One type of digital font that can be considered for graphic design needs is Serif. You need to know that a serif font is a type of font that has a hook, hook, or shoe at each end of the letter.
This type of font is relatively often used in the world of graphic design because it will make writing easier to read. Thus, it will make the information to be conveyed easier to digest.
If you want to create a graphic design that prioritizes readability, then the Serif digital font is the right choice. Even though it looks simple, if combined properly, it will make this font very comfortable to read.

2. Handwriting Type Fonts

The next recommended type of digital font writing that can be considered is handwriting. One very striking feature of this type of writing is that it looks like handwriting or calligraphy.
Digital fonts in the form of handwriting are often used as an option for designers who want to highlight their aesthetic elements in them. The reason is that the handwriting type looks very attractive and neat, full of artistic value.

If you want to use this type of font, of course, you have to be careful in placing and managing it. The goal, of course, is to avoid “collision” with the visual images presented in the graphic content.

3. Digital Fonts in the Form of Nexa

The recommended digital font type that is also interesting to consider is Nexa. You need to know that Nexa is one type of font that is very well known by professionals.
This font was deliberately developed with the aim of producing an excellent level of readability. So this font is widely used in various types of fields ranging from graphic design, websites, print, and even for company business logos.
This digital font type provides 9 Weight options and also 36 fonts that can be used as needed. Overall, this type of font has a clean and straightforward design that makes it very easy to read.

4. TT Norms Pro For Design

The next choice of fonts is TT Norms Pro. In general, this font belongs to the San Serif typeface. Its main characteristic is that it has a geometric appearance and attractive proportions of classic characters.
In general, TT Norms Pro will be widely used for writing large text. For example, in making headlines, logos, websites, or also for brands. So that this type of digital font is universal in its use.

5. Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now is another font option to consider when designing. Helvetica Now is a typeface that comes from pure Classical Switzerland and was redesigned to look more modern and classy.
The Helvetica Now digital font was designed by Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, and Jan Hendrik Weber. Until now, the Helvetica Now family is available in 48 weight variants ranging from micro to extra black. Each display certainly has a different use according to needs. Until now, Helvetica Now is one of the most popular and widely used fonts on various occasions.
Even a number of well-known brands use this type of digital font for their product logo designs. Some of them are Panasonic, Jeep, and even American Airlines.

In addition, this font can also be used in the graphic design process because it looks so modern. Thus, the use of this font will make your design results even more optimal and modern.
Choosing a digital font type should not be done arbitrarily. The reason is that the selection of this type of writing will affect the aesthetic value or beauty of the designs you produce.
When you choose the wrong type of font, it can affect the quality and results of the design you create. For example, reduced elements of legibility, less aesthetic value, and so on.

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